A.K. Demetriou Insurance

is an International Health service Agency, dedicated to help people secure their health.

We have access to local and International Markets to secure any risk, anywhere in the world; Medical Insurance, Medical Evacuation, Medical Referral, Trip travel, Life Insurance, Liability Insurance.

Our Roots go back

since 1993

We became the
company you know
today in 2006.

Ever since, we have continued to innovate and expand daily around the
world, cooperating with countries such as Cyprus, United Kingdom, Greece,
Germany, Dubai and Qatar.

Today, we are known as Experts in Health Insurance, we Insure, Reinsure Individuals & Groups depending on their needs. We have the right team on board, to guidance people to the right path with the right insurance plan, anywhere in the world.

Our team and Agents work together, to make sure our customers around the Globe, feel peace of mind and the sense of security. We are next to them throughout their journey and to the most critical points in their lives.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to create and to implement new ideas, towards the benefits of our patients, clients and agents. Approach people in a more sensitive way, make them understand our intentions.

Our Commitment

Our Commitment is to provide our customers the highest customer care, the human touch, the ability to talk to someone who cares and has the knowledge and the ability to help; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Our Strategy

Our Strategy in what we do? As in our everyday life, we treat clients the way we treat a family member. We listen to their needs and implement it towards their budget.