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It’s often said that your health is your wealth.

And with the same belief, we make it our mission to ensure that your health is never compromised. That’s why we offer you an array of flexible plans to protect your health.

We work hard to ensure our high standards are maintained at all times, continually seeking ways of making improvements.

We take pride in our professionalism. We have an uncompromising determination to achieve excellence in everything we undertake. We prefer to be the best in our field rather than the biggest. Integrity, honesty and treating customers fairly are at the very heart of our business. These core values underpin everything we do.

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we can talk you through your options, to ensure you gain the cover you want, without any unexceptional limitations. Even if you have pre-existing medical conditions we are also able to speak to the appropriate under writers or insurers to try and gain you the most favourable terms available in the market.

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When it comes to underwriting there are generally two options:

Moratorium underwriting there is no need to disclose your medical history, lifestyle information or undertake a medical screening. With this option the policy would automatically exclude conditions you have suffered in the previous years. Existing conditions may be included after two years of holding the policy if you have not had to seek additional treatment or consultations.
Full Medical Underwriting (FMU) you would disclosure your medical history at the point of application and may be required to undergo health tests. If you decide to take this option the insurer may place exclusions or extra premiums on the policy of conditions you suffered at the past.

International Private Medical Insurance offers freedom of choice and peace of mind

to choose to be treated whenever, wherever and by whoever you want, wherever you are.

Either you are living or working at home or overseas. It offers the reassurance to get access to fast affordable care worldwide.

International Private Insurance is available for local nationals, expatriates, people who have homes in different countries and business travellers.

Finding the most suitable International private medical Insurance plan is important

where you have employees working and travelling abroad. A range of international healthcare plans are available.

Available to local nationals and employees working abroad. Also tailored made plans are available on request.

We have the expertise to find the right plan for you, ensuring that your employees will have the cover needed and especially in areas where local medical facilities are basic or inaccessible.

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